Making a Case for MBCT

In a competitive environment such as the NHS, there is a need to make a case for a new intervention.

  • Using evidence to make a case is crucial. Taken together NICE, research evidence and practice-based evidence plays a crucial role in catalysing the potential for implementation (e.g. in selling the idea of MBCT), and in supporting implementation processes (e.g. using local evaluation information to demonstrate impact).
  • In order to get top-down buy-in you will need to make a case for MBCT and these are some examples from the ASPIRE Study of How people Made a Case for MBCT.
  • Successful implementers presented a business case in order to make a case and get top down buy-in. Here is a business case example.
  • Some presented a financial case in order to get top-down buy-in. Follow this link for evidence on the financial case for MBCT.
  • MBCT Reading and Resources List -2016