Please find below a list of publications linked to the SOCS.

Gu, J., Baer, R., Cavanagh, K., Kuyken, W., & Strauss, C. (2019). Development and psychometric properties of the Sussex-Oxford compassion scales (SOCS)Assessment27(1), 3-20.

This paper developed and validated the SOCS.

Gu, J., Cavanagh, K., Baer, R., & Strauss, C. (2017). An empirical examination of the factor structure of compassion PloS one12(2), e0172471.

Strauss, C., Taylor, B. L., Gu, J., Kuyken, W., Baer, R., Jones, F., & Cavanagh, K. (2016)
What is Compassion and how can we measure it? Clinical psychology review47, 15-27.